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Traditional security solutions continue to use the same old techniques to deal with cybersecurity and threat detection, yet the threats themselves are growing more complex, opaque and dangerous by the day. These traditional approach overlooks critical data sources that, if analyzed, hold the key to keeping threats at bay.

Nearly all data sources have value for security. For example, in addition to network flow data, we can merge and correlate HR data, LDAP data, and additional data sources that hold predictive value, to look deeply into each user’s activity on your network to better detect and track threats that may be going undetected in your systems. This includes rules based detection approaches to machine learning/heuristics detection systems.

Solutions & Services

User-and Entity Behavior Analytics

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Traditional threat detection creates rules that are based on certain scenarios, which rely on the experience of the security practitioners and a deep understanding of the business. However, any new scenario cannot be automatically handled. This is where user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) complements the rules based detection.

Over a period of time, it takes note of the normal conduct of the users and in turn is able to detect any anomalous behavior or instances when there are deviations from these “normal” patterns. UEBA aggregates the data across reports and logs, as well as analyzes file, flow, and packet information and utilizes machine learning, algorithms, and statistical analysis to detect deviations from established patterns.

Security-Incident and Events Management

Security Incident and Events Management

Security Incident and Events Management (SIEM) provides a holistic unified view of the infrastructure as well as the workflows, compliance and log management. It involves a multitude of capabilities such as event and log collection, normalization and correlation, reporting and alerting, and log management. SIEM combined with UEBA, threat intelligence management and vulnerability management provides the end-to-end detection capability for any organization’s security operations.

Threat-Intelligence Management

Threat Intelligence Management

Threat intelligence provides your organization the information of what happens outside of your organization. This may include contextual information related to your industry and region through automated monitoring of the dark web and intelligence reports. We advise leveraging a threat intelligence platform to manage multiple sources of intelligence within a single pane of glass.


Vulnerability Management

Understand the security state of your environment with active and passive monitoring of your assets, as well as asset discovery to discover unauthorized devices in the environment. This applies to IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints.