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Active Response


Your Next Breach – Not If, But When?

A lot of organizations focus a lot on prevention, but do not pay sufficient attention in preparing for the inevitable cyberattack and what to do when attacked.

Your business is the top priority. At best, cyber attacks are a distraction. At their worst, they can cripple your operations. Hence, it is essential that you are prepared to detect in-flight attacks, respond to successful attacks and minimize the impact of attacks. In addition, there is need for forensics and investigation capability to develop attack context in near-real time and facilitate rapid investigations.

Solutions & Services


Containment Services

When a breach happens, the time to understand and contain the breach is of paramount importance. We provide containment services to quickly identify and contain breaches.


Service Recovery

Most incident response services end with the containment or eradication of the breach. However, there are many scenarios where follow up actions is necessary. We provide not just the incident response and containment services but also support service recovery after the breach.